A new 250,000 CLNY program for Web3 projects to accelerate their DAOification journey. Powered by Colony. 

Starts Q3 2022.


What is DAO Jones?

DAO Jones is a three-month program during which Colony will provide tools, knowledge, and facilitate collaboration for 10 selected blockchain projects.

The accepted projects will compete for a share of a 250,000 CLNY prize fund which will be distributed between participants proportional to their ranking in monthly assessments of the projects progress.


Who can join?

DAO Jones is a program for web3 projects that:

  • Develop software and are ready to decentralize their governance.
  • Have sufficient funding to be sustainable for the foreseeable future.
  • Are able to assign a project lead to manage the onboarding process.
  • Are available for monthly updates with the DAO Jones program lead.

Become a stakeholder in the Colony ecosystem

CLNY is the governance token of the Metacolony: the DAO that governs the Colony Network. Projects earning CLNY will be able to put those tokens to work to earn Reputation in the Metacolony, entitling them to influence the direction of Colony as a project, as well as revenue share of the Colony Network in the future.

How to join

First, let’s have a chat

These are the steps to learn more and join DAO


Step 1. Register your interest.

Step 2. Selected applicants will be invited to join a

discovery call.

Step 3. Successful projects will be notified by email.

Step 4. Be ready to join us on the start date in Q3 2022.

Register your interest

Enter your details to register for the DAO Jones program, starting soon.


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