Bring Programmable Incentives to Your Apps

Colony’s developer tools enable you to incentivize your users to do the things that create value for your website, platform, or application. Whether you’re a video sharing website, a Q&A community, an ad platform, or a cryptoeconomic protocol, Colony provides powerful tools to drive quality engagement.

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Issue Your Own Token

Make it useful in your app, exchangeable for premium features and perks, a community currency, or whatever makes sense for you. If you already have an ERC20 token, you can use it in Colony.

Incentivize Behaviors

Incentivize behaviours which create value for your product with tokens and cryptocurrencies. Reputation points quantify which behaviours your users do, and how well they do them.

Issue Rewards

Share revenue or rewards with the users who help build your platform’s value. Tokens and Reputation ensure that the most active, highest quality contributors receive fair reward.

Integrate Colony

Plug and Play

Integrating incentives into your app has never been easier. Simple, composable javascript libraries mean you’ll be up and running in no time. Integrate and drive value adding user behaviour to your platform quickly.

For Your Flow

Whatever behaviours you want to incentivize, ColonyJS lets you design the experience: customize interactions, payout conditions, and reputation tags associated with behaviours which add value to your platform.

Bye-bye Borders

Tokens are to value, as email is to letters. Anyone with an internet connection can receive and send tokens in seconds, anywhere in the world. No more worrying about the complexity of international remittance and user geofencing.

Focus on Your Users, Not Incentive Infrastructure

Creating and maintaining powerful incentive infrastructure distracts from your core business, costs more, and makes launching take longer.

Integrating Colony is easy, allowing you to focus on your primary value proposition, and launch better products, faster.

The Power of Blockchain Without Writing Smart Contracts.

Building decentralized financial infrastructure is hard. We have spent years designing robust, secure, stable smart contracts, and making it easy for you to interface with the blockchain via a straightforward Javascript API.
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Token Support

  • Easily create and issue your own token on Ethereum.
  • Already got a token? Great, Colony natively supports all ERC20 tokens.
  • Stablecoins such as DAI & USD Coin bring dollar denominated crypto payments payments to your app.
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