We welcome all contributions to the Purser library!

Here are a few ways you can contribute:

  • Extending the functionality by adding support for other wallet types
  • Testing existing wallet types on your own hardware or your system
  • Maintaining and improving existing functionality by squashing bugs, or by keeping the various wallets APIs in sync with their upstream changes (look for help-wanted and good-first-issue labels)
  • Finding bugs and submitting them to the issues tracker.
  • Maintaining, improving or fixing documentation pages in the docs.

If you plan to make a larger change, please consult with the team beforehand.

How to report issues

To report an issue, use the GitHub issues tracker.

Workflow for Pull Requests

In order to contribute, please fork off of the master branch and make your changes there. Keep your branch up to date with master by using rebase instead of merge.

Branch naming

Use the following naming schema for your PR branch: [feature/fix/maintenance/...]/[issue-#]-[a-meaningful-description-in-kebab-case] e.g. feature/936-add-support-for-random-wallet

Commit messages

  • The 60/80 rule. The first line should be capitalized and can go up to (but not exceed) 60 chars, following lines should preferably be wrapped at around 80
  • Bullet points are good, please use indentation though. For the bullet, you can choose between asterisks or hyphens For the first line, try to be specific. e.g: "Ensure colony keys are unique" instead of "Fix a bug with contract setup" If you're adding or changing existing tests, they should go on the same commit.

Code of Conduct

Please note we have a code of conduct, please follow it in all your interactions with the project.


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