The Colony Hackathon

June 5 – June 24

Build real applications on the Colony Protocol with the colonyJS library, give feedback, and win prizes

$25,000 in Prizes

Grand Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


Runner Up Prizes







Build with the Colony Stack

Extensions and Integrations

Projects that connect external tools, data, and platforms we use everyday to Colony-ready dApps.


The user-facing applications that enable people to interact with the Colony Network, built by developers from all around to suit the needs of their organization.


The bridge between the user facing and the infrastructure-facing layers of Colony. The colonyJS library allows developers to leverage the power of Colony’s smart contracts in their own applications.

Colony Network

A set of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, the Colony Network handles incentivization, division of labour, decision making, and dispute resolution to make decentralized organizations work.

How it Works

May 29th

Join Gitter to find teammates, discuss ideas, and ask questions.

June 5th

Open a GitHub issue to start planning. Fork the repo and add your project materials.

June 24th

Submit your project as a pull request to the main repository before the deadline.

June 29th

Winners announced, and prizes awarded in DAI via Gitcoin!

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