Organizations, for the Internet

Glider is live on mainnet!

Organizations, for the Internet

Create, operate, and monetize Digital Companies that succeed through self-organization.


As easy as a web forum

A colony is a new kind of internet-native digital company where rules are enforced by software instead of hierarchy.

Software eats middle management

Streamlining and automating business administration, and distributing authority, means fewer people can get more done.

Incentivize global talent

Issue your colony's token, bootstrap its value, and reward people for work instantly, internationally, for free.

Your Colony,
Your Rules

From benevolent dictatorship to democratic cooperative, Colony is modular and customisable, giving you total flexibility, and enabling safe experimentation and gradual adoption.

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Not in the Cloud;
in the Ether

Colony is infrastructure for internet native organisations. Infrastructure should be impartial and reliable. It shouldn’t be possible to take it away from you, or change the rules to your disadvantage. That's why Colony is decentralized software, built on Ethereum.

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A Colony for Developers

A Colony for Developers

We’ve released a new feature on our docs site for developers building with Colony!

Glider has launched

Glider has launched

Colony is now live on Ethereum Mainnet. Tell your friends.

Introducing Glider

Introducing Glider

> TL;DR – We deployed our mainnet release candidate, glider-rc.1, to the Görli testne...

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