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DAO Club brings together active DAO builders to learn and grow with other like-minded innovators.

dao club

What is it?

DAO Club is a group of active DAO builders who gather virtually once a week to:

  • Learn from each other
  • Share best practices and ways of working
  • Discuss and debate topical issues
  • Develop solutions to common problems
  • Receive mentorship and expert guidance from Colony.
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How does it work?

Successful applicants are given access to a private Discord area to participate in discussions and join weekly events.

Office Hour events with industry experts will provide guidance and support, across key themes such as:

  • Mission, values and success metrics
  • Organisational design & governance
  • Growth and scaling
  • Community building and experience
  • Treasury and finance
  • Operations & tooling
  • Contributor management
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Who can join?

This group is for doers not dreamers. We're looking for DAO builders who have big visions, but even bigger execution.

Your DAO does not have to be a rocket ship (yet), so we encourage new-comers and innovators to apply.

Entry requirements:

  • An active Twitter/social account for the DAO.
  • An active place for community discussion, ie. Discord, Telegram, etc.
  • An active form of governance, like forum discussions, Snapshot proposals, or polls.
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