Adapters allow to access the Ethereum blockchain using different JavaScript libraries. Adapters wrap such libraries and enforce a standard for use with the colonyNetwork smart contracts.


Adapters require the following parameters:

  loader, // Instance of a ContractLoader
  provider, // Instance of an Ethereum provider, e.g. for sending/receiving transactions
  wallet, // Instance of an Ethereum wallet, e.g. for signing transactions


Here is an example initializing an adapter using ethers:

// Import the prerequisites
const { providers, Wallet } = require('ethers');
const { default: EthersAdapter } = require('@colony/colony-js-adapter-ethers');
const { default: NetworkLoader } = require('@colony/colony-js-contract-loader-network');

// Set network
const network = 'rinkeby';

// Create instance of NetworkLoader
const loader = new NetworkLoader({ network });

// Create provider for wallet and ethers adapter
const provider = providers.getDefaultProvider(network);

// Set the private key
const privateKey = '0x000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000';

// Create wallet with private key and provider
const wallet = new Wallet(privateKey, provider);

// Create a new ethers adapter
const adapter = new EthersAdapter({

Future Adapters

Check out tailor to learn more about adapters we plan to support in the future.


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