Get a head start on your next project! Colony Starter (formerly known as "Hackathon Starter") includes a variety of boilerplates and example projects that will help you get started with Colony.

Get Started


  • Node >=10.13.0
  • Yarn >=1.12.0
  • Docker >=18.09.0

You may find it helpful to use Node Version Manager (nvm) to manage Node versions.

If you are using Linux, check out Linux Setup to ensure Yarn and Docker are set up accordingly.

Step 1

Globally install the colony-cli package.

yarn global add @colony/colony-cli

Step 2

Move to your working directory and unpack the colony-starter package:

colony build colony-starter

Step 3

Move to your new project directory and check out colony-starter for further instructions:

cd colony-starter

Using NPX

Alternatively, you can use npx and unpack the colony-starter package without installing the colony-cli package.

npx -p @colony/colony-cli colony build colony-starter


Colony CLI

The colony-cli package is a command line tool for building colonyStarter packages and running services such as Ganache, Truffle, and Trufflepig to assist with local development alongside the colonyNetwork smart contracts.

Starter Packages

Check out some of the other starter packages by repeating steps 2 and 3 and substituting colony-starter with the package of your choice. If you have ideas for new packages or improvements, feel free to open an issue or pull request.



  • A boilerplate using colonyJS with React.


  • A boilerplate using colonyJS with Angular.


  • A boilerplate using colonyJS with Vue.


  • A boilerplate to start building extension contracts alongside colonyNetwork.

Example Packages

We also have a couple example packages that you can unpack using the same build command. If you are uncertain how to do something, it might be helpful to use one of these packages as a reference.


  • A built out version of the colony-starter package with more examples.




  • A built out version of the colony-starter-vue package with more examples.
  • This package was built by the community! Special thanks to @zzyyxxww!


colonyStarter is under active development and packages are constantly being added and updated. If you notice a discrepancy in the documentation on this site or a bug in the code, check out the following documents for more information:


Questions? Problems? Existential dilemmas? We’re here to help!

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