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with Colony

If you're writing code you’ve come to the right place. There are many ways to build with Colony. Here you will find some of the ways to get started or involved in our projects.


Create your own!

The Colony Network is vast and powerful. Create your own ideas that run on top of it with the help of our developer tools.

"Just add MetaMask" toolbox for the most common Colony workflows. Start here if you're new 🚀

The Colony Smart Contracts in all their glory. Freshly tested. Upgradable. Ready for you!

Our reference client implementation, written in TypeScript. Battle-tested in our Dapp, it gives you all the features the Colony Network has to offer.


But wait,
there’s more!

Colony Starter

The Colony Starter is just a tiny template that sets up all the annoying stuff when starting a new project. Already have your favorite build tools? Perfect, you won’t need this. But if you’d just like to start implementing a quick idea, this might be for you!

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Colony Metrics Sub-Graph

Just like the general Colony sub-graph we also created a sub-graph that aggregates all data about the Colony ecosystem. It can give you answers to questions like: “How many Colonies are there in total?”, “How many new Colonies are added each day?” and more.

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Reputation Mining

You happen to be running your own Ethereum node? You might be interested in earning some CLNY through validating reputation values within all of the Colony Network, a process that we call "Reputation Mining".

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The Dapp

Did you know that at Colony everything we make is developed out in the open? Even our Dapp! Feel free to browse the code or help build it by taking on an issue. It's a great opportunity to learn how complex web3 apps are created.

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The Colony whitepaper.

The Colony Whitepaper lays out the mathematical and game-theoretical foundation of everything we build within Colony. It goes into great detail, so if you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details as well as the main long-term vision, this is the place to start.

Explore the whitepaper

Need to talk to a

Join #buidl-with-colony on our Discord server or drop us an old-fashioned email.