A selection of Colony's current and future functionality.



Empower your community with the reputational influence to help make decisions. Earned proportional to the value they contribute. Reputation decays over time to keep the D for “Decentralized” in your DAO.

Reputation Voting

Colony’s pioneering “lazy consensus” means governance in which you only need to vote if there is actually disagreement about something. The rest of the time, you just get on with the work.

Award Reputation

Normally, reputation is awarded when someone gets paid in your colony’s native token. But, sometimes you need to be able to award reputation to members without also paying them. This is for that.

Bring Your Own Token

Are you an existing protocol or DAO? Already have an ERC20-compatible token you want to use? We've got you covered. Simply add it to your colony and you're ready to rumble!

Token Creation

Creating your DAO's Native Token is so easy we almost didn't mention it. Give your token a snappy name and a memorable ticker symbol, and with the touch of a button you're done.

Token Activation

This nifty widget lets you easily deposit and reclaim your tokens from the locking contract that Colony uses to let you stake, claim reward distributions, and participate in token votes.


A wise man once said: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Reputation confers that power upon members of your DAO. If they abuse the trust that the community has placed in them, Smite them to burn away their reputation.

Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is your DAO’s panic button in case of emergency. Enter Recovery Mode, and it will no longer be possible for users to take any action in your DAO until the emergency is fixed.


Involve your DAO members in decision making using earned reputation to influence the decision. This is an evolving feature, with the first version being a simple proposal process for decisions that do not require on-chain actions.



Payments let you send tokens from your Colony DAO to any external address (on the same blockchain) with a single transaction. Simple, but effective. Useful for paying contributors or sending payments.


Receive revenue to your colony via your colony's wallet address. Received funds can be immediately put to use in your colony's working capital, allocated to teams, or distributed to members as Rewards.

Fund Transfers

Transfer funds to different teams in your Colony DAO.This is essentially allocating budgets to teams for their work, such as to development, design, operations, marketing…anything you need, really.

Safe Control

An integration between Colony and Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe), allowing DAOs to manage a multi-sig treasury fund on another chain that hosts the Safe, using Colony's governance mechanisms.



Colony's powerful, flexible permissioning system enables people or smart contracts to be given fine-grained authority in specific aspects of specific domains within the organisation.


Real, functional organisations are not monoliths. They're composed of departments, teams, projects, and working groups. In Colony you can do that too, we call them Teams.

Extension manager

Colony is flexible and modular, so you can add the functionality that your DAO needs. Extension Manager allows you to select, install, configure, and upgrade your colony's chosen features.


From time to time, sexy new versions of Colony Network come out. Colony’s super slinky approach to upgradability makes adding even more power to your colony as easy as signing a transaction.


Colony’s gasless feature, called MetaTransactions, enables you and your contributors to get started building your DAO without having to worry about the cost of gas on the blockchain.


Transactions log

A comprehensive list of all the events emitted by your colony's smart contracts, the Transactions Log gives peace of mind that the activity taking place in your colony is auditable by its community.


Forget illegible blockchain account addresses: Colony lets you register a free, unique decentralised username to simplify collaboration. Crypto doesn't have to be complicated.


Build your profile to help fellow collaborators understand who you are. Your profile tracks your colony memberships, as well as your actions, permissions, and reputations across all Colony DAOs.


Subscribe to colonies that pique your interest. They'll show up in a list on the left of your Colony interface, allowing you to easily switch between the DAOs you care about.

Contributors vs Watchers

Quickly identify who the contributors are in a DAO, what reputation they have, and more. With search, filters, and quick actions conveniently accessible for each member.

Mobile Friendly

Colony is fully mobile responsive, so, you can access Colony wherever you are and no matter the device. Simply access the Colony app via a browser app that supports the Metamask wallet.


Reputation Miner

The Reputation Miner provides users with a way to participate in the validation of reputation, securing and helping to decentralize Colony’s Reputation System, all while earning income doing so.


Advanced expenditures

Providing more advanced payment functionality. Allowing payments to be made to multiple recipients in multiple tokens all in one payment. With added payment security delays.

Staged payments

Staged Payments allows for contributors to be paid based on different stages of delivery. For example, a project with multiple delivery milestones.

Split payments

Want to share funds with multiple recipients? Split Payments allows you to distribute funds equally or unequally to different people or addresses in one transaction.

Recurring payments

Working like a salary, except with payments made and claimable continuously. Making it more automated and also giving your contributors more payment security.

Batch payments

Providing the convenience of being able to upload a .csv of multiple recipients, tokens, and payment amounts. Saving time with having to do so from within the UI individually.

Coin Machine

Coin Machine makes it easy for people all over the world to fund their organizations online. With a highly effective price discovery process to ensure a fair opportunity for all involved.

Finances Dashboard

Easy access to all the important financial information within a DAO. Value over time, token balances, upcoming payments, streaming payments, tokenomics, exporting, etc.



Create tasks which need to be done that contributors can assign themselves to and start working on. It is the foundation of getting work done in your DAO.



Notifications allows contributors to set their notification settings per Colony DAO, and be pinged about the information that is important to them.


Governance (Token-Weighted)

Just like reputation-weighted governance, except based on how many tokens you have. If token holdings are a good basis for decision-making, this is the tool.

Governance (Hybrid)

Combining Reputation-Weighted with Token-Weighted Governance for a more flexible governance mechanism in your DAO. This allows both contributors and token holders to have a say.

Governance Policy

Providing a granular way to set the governance policies within your DAO. Such as being able to set the governance mechanism based on permissions and within teams.

Scalar voting

Scalar voting makes it possible to aggregate the collective intelligence of your colony by unlocking the ability to vote on any value between two discrete limits. If you want to vote on what fee your DAO should charge its users or what percentage of your DAO’s treasury should be allocated to stablecoins, this is the tool for you..

Advice & Agreements

Get advice from the greater community before turning them into decisions needing to be made and ratified as agreements for a Colony. This is the next iteration of the Decisions feature.


Gnosis Safe support

Use your Gnosis Safe multi-sig to have control over your colony's most critical permissions. This means combining Multi-sig with reputation-weighted governance.

Arbitrary transactions

Choose a contract, input an ABI, select the functions, set the variables, and hey presto, you got yourself a transaction. A super flexible contract interaction tool built into your colony.

Cross-chain execution

Execute transactions on different chains from within your Colony DAO. Meaning you can utilise the governance features of Colony no matter the chain.

Token Supplier

Control the tokenomics of your DAO’s token, such as the total supply, the issuance rate, number of token holders, and to keep track of the current supply in circulation.


An incentive mechanism that allows a Colony to allocate part of its funds for distribution to its members, proportional to their reputation and token holdings. Like a dividend.

Funding Queues

Fund proposals in order of collective preference. Think of it like a category  for allocating capital. The more reputation that has upvoted a proposal, the faster it will be funded.



Projects is a way to organise tasks within your DAO, as opposed to just a list of tasks that you have to wade through. It’s suitable for longer-term initiatives involving many tasks.

Nested Teams

Nest teams inside of teams to create more elaborate and focused org structures. Meaning contributors can more easily identify where they can get involved.

Extension manager v2

Extension Manager v2 will provide Colony DAOs with the ability to maintain several versions of their extensions, with different configurations and purposes, thus avoiding lost history.

Assigning Team Members

Being able to join a specific team allows contributors to really focus on their strengths and where they want to be able to contribute the most.


Personal Dashboard

All the things on Colony that matter to you as a contributor, aggregated in a single screen. It is a personalised dashboard from across all the Colony DAOs you are involved in.