the colony dao

Join the Metacolony

The Metacolony is the DAO that will build, maintain, and support the Colony ecosystem, and you can be part of it.

Tokenomics 101

How Colony Makes Money

Colony generates revenue from network fees. Fees go to the Metacolony to sustain ongoing development, security, maintenance, support, and Colony's ecosystem incentive mechanism: BudgetBox.

Fees illustration

The Colony Network levies a small fee on Payments leaving a colony to an external address.

Fees paid in whitelisted tokens like USDC, USDT, WETH or xDAI go to the Metacolony to incentivise contributors.

Fees paid in other ERC20 tokens go to auctions where token buyers can purchase ERC20 tokens using CLNY, which is burned

the token

Colony’s native token $CLNY is required for:


Disputes in the Metacolony require CLNY to be ‘staked’ as surety. Winning a dispute earns stakers a share of the loser’s CLNY.

Revenue Sharing

Accounts with both CLNY & Reputation in the Metacolony may be eligible to claim a share of Metacolony revenue.

Reputation Mining

Reputation updates are calculated off-chain by miners who stake CLNY to compete to perform them to earn CLNY and Reputation.

Fee Auctions

Fees denominated in tokens other than USDT, USDC, XDAI and WETH are auctioned for CLNY, which is burned.

The Betacolony

Metacolony’s baby brother

The Betacolony is the feeder league to the Metacolony. As the name suggests, it’s a place where we test assumptions and experiment with real money on the line. Things that work well will find their way into the Metacolony.

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