Zero to DAO
in 90 seconds

Yes, we've timed it.


Creating your own ERC20 token is easy.

So easy in fact, we almost didn’t mention it.
Already got a token you want to use? Cool. Simply plug that badboy in when spinning up your colony to give it governance superpowers in seconds.

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Use Domains to group activity together.

You can think of domains as projects, departments, teams, circles, or whatever makes sense for your organization.

Each domain can have its own separate budget controlled by the contributors to that domain.

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Award influence in proportion to merit.

Every time a contributor gets paid in your colony’s native token, they earn Reputation in the Domain they earned the payment from.

That Reputation gives them power to stake on Motions, and vote in disputes in the Domains in which they have reputation.

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Decentralized decisions without voting.

Voting on every damn thing is no way to run an organisation. No, not even a decentralised one.

You see, voting implies that there is disagreement, and very often there isn’t, so voting is a waste of everyone’s time. In Colony, voting is only necessary if there actually is disagreement about something.

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The fastest, easiest, simplest way to sell your token.

And did we mention it's totally free? That’s right, 100% of funds raised go straight into your colony to be governed by your community.


What does all this DAOey goodness cost?

Virtually everything in Colony is free.

Colonies are free to create, and there are no monthly subscription fees. Even your gas costs are covered.

The only place where there is a small fee, is when funds exit the Colony. E.g. when someone gets paid. Right now, that fee is as low as it can technically be: 1 Wei. (i.e. 0.000000000000000001)

In the future, the Metacolony, a DAO made of you the users of the Colony Network, will decide what network fee you believe is appropriate.