The Platform

The Platform

The Fastest Way to Build Cryptoeconomic Applications.

Build applications that incentivize engagement, generate revenue, and drive growth, autonomously. Here's how:


Build your app

Coordinate and incentivise desired user behaviors using a mixture of prebuilt and custom modules.


Bootstrap the community

Incentivise early adopters with tokens that are easy to earn early on, and gain value as the usage grows.


Watch it grow

Well designed economics increase demand for tokens as your app goes from upstart to ubiquity.

Here to Make You Look Good.

Building a great App is hard, slow, and expensive. Building on Colony takes care of all the unsexy grunt work, allowing you to focus on your special sauce, and get from idea to users fast.

Building with Colony gives you:

User profiles
Wallet integrations


You do you


Developer Tools

Whether you're building the future of the gig economy, a peer-to-peer marketplace, or a social network, Colony’s powerful smart contracts, and straightforward JavaScript libraries give you the tools you need to succeed.


A JavaScript library with a simple and predictable interface for application-layer integrations with the colonyNetwork smart contracts.


Pre-build UI components making it easy to use Colony in your environment, or develop UI modules for the Colony app.

Token Support

Token Support

  • Easily issue your own tokenEasily issue your own token
  • Supports all existing ERC20 tokensSupports all existing ERC20 tokens
  • Pay people in USD using DAIPay people in USD using DAI
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A Platform Owned and Operated by its Users.

A Community, not a company.

No, really: it's called 'The Metacolony' and exists to optimise Colony’s awesomeness. By building with Colony, you join a community incentivized by each other’s success.

It literally pays to build with Colony

Apps built on Colony may enter BudgetBox, a mechanism that provides regular CLNY payouts to selected applications based on their value to the Colony Network.

Take your seat at the table

Earning CLNY gives you a stake in the Colony Network's success, and direct influence in its decision making. You own the platform your app is built on.


Here to Help You Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum.

Actually, we can't help you chew. That's just... icky. But we will be in your corner with fightin' tips and shoulder rubs as you go take on the world.

Delightful documentation

Delightful documentation

Our developer portal contains everything a developer needs to build decentralized apps in a fraction of the time.

Committed to open source

Committed to open source

Where we have a need not met by existing tooling, we build generic open source solutions. It's really the least we can do.

Join the conversation

Join the conversation

Our developer hub is the place to get all those burning questions taken care of. Come say hi, we have #cakes.

Here to Help You Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum.